Service Dog Training with Compassion and Expertise.

Creating New Tails is a service dog training company that trains service dogs with compassion and expertise. It is a specialty training program that helps people who need an extra hand in life by offering the perfect service dog for your needs.



Creating New Tails recognizes that each client has their own unique requirements for training and financial purposes.


One size does not fit all in in our dog training program.


Creating New Tails offers multiple options of choosing the perfect dog and the perfect method of training to best suit the client’s needs.

Our Specialties


  • Basic Obedience
  • High Level Obedience
  • Behavior Modification and Problem Solving
  • Competitive Dog Training
  • Puppy Foundation


  • Gluten Detection
  • Dairy Detection
  • Food Allergen Alert
  • Migraine Alert
  • Seizure Alert
  • Diabetic Alert
  • Medical Alert
  • Mobility Support
  • PTSD Assistance
  • Autism Support
  • Psychiatric Response
  • Anxiety Assistance

What is a Service Dog?

(American Disability Act)

Under the ADA

A service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person's disability.

How can a Service Dog assist you?

Each service dog is specifically trained to their owners personal needs based on their medical condition.  A Service Dog helps individuals with limitations live a normal life with a sense of independence they deserve.


Service dogs can accomplish these basic tasks* :

Autism Spectrum  .  Psychiatric Response .  Disability Assistance

  • Tracking Services
  • Finding an Exit
  • Finding a Person (Autism Elopement)
  • Search for Assistance – Find A Caregiver
  • Psychiatric Test
  • Searching a Room for Intruder
  • Retrieve Medication and Other Items
  • Open Doors and Cabinets
  • Find Specific items ( eg. Keys)
  • Carrying Items ( Groceries / Shopping bags / Laundry)
  • Turn On and Off Lights
  • Pick Up Mail
  • Pick up and Retrieve Phone
  • Take of Shoes and Socks
  • Assist with Walking (Bracing w/ weight bearing support and balance)
  • Alert Owner to Sounds (doorbell, phone, etc)
  • Alert Owner Before Seizures
  • Alert Owner to of High and Low Blood Sugar
  • Redirect from Streaming
  • Redirect from Self Harm

*Much more tasks can be customized to the needs of specific individuals.

“A service dog can do so much for someone with any shape of a disability. You could be blind or in a wheelchair. You could have anxiety or a learning disability or even a GI illness that you can’t see. As long as that dog aids you in the help you need it is serving you. Respecting a service dog, and the work they do for their owner, is respecting that person’s disability. But keep in mind, a disability doesn’t define who a person is.” – Jillian Skalky

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Margate, FL